About Us


Sanctband is a direct-from-factory brand that has specialized in latex products for over 20 years. We have humble beginnings in Malaysia where natural latex has always been a highlight of the local resource wealth. 

Our products are medically certified and made to the highest standards. We have been a leader in low-protein latex and powder-free products to protect as many people as possible from allergen reactions, while also providing the natural properties of latex that many of us enjoy. Our latex-free options will be coming soon and our FDA certification is nearly complete. Don't forget to sign up to our email list for the latest news.

Sanctband USA is our launch into the U.S. market as a fitness and wellness brand. Medical practitioners have used our products for years in the U.S. and we believe our bands are especially useful for everyday fitness users. The Sanctband family is spread across the globe but we all work closely together to bring the best products to your home. 

The resistance band is a core part of many workout routines and have helped countless people get into shape with low impact tension. We hope to hear about your stories, so make sure to tag as on Instagram @SanctbandUSA.